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With your help SpiderMable will hit the big screen

By Mark Woollven

By Mark Woollven

About this time last year we met the unforgettable SpiderMable, the six year old leukemia patient turned superhero who joined forces with Mayor Don Iveson, City Police and SpiderMan himself to rescue ‘Black Cat’, defeat ‘Mysterio’ and return the kidnapped Andrew Ference safely to the Oilers.

Her adventures aren’t over. Leven Creative is in the process of making ‘SpiderMable the Film,’ a documentary.

Producer Director Kelly Wolfert says the project has been in development for a year, and they’re looking for a spring or fall 2017 release.

“After much preparation it’s now that we feel we have enough of a story to be able to tell and share. With the announcement of the film we’ve launched an Indie Go Go crowdfunding campaign; it’s a 60 day campaign and we’re hoping to reach the goal of $175,000.”

There are a number of incentives ranging from a social media shout-out and digital download of the film all the way to a corporate screening package and even an EP credit.

Wolfert explains what that money will be used for.

“Shooting the rest of the film, completing the rest of post-production as well as additional marketing, administration, insurance and legal fees…the not-so-fun part of the film industry but very very very crucial and time consuming.”

We hope to share her story with your support.
To contribute, please visit: igg.me/at/spidermablethefilm