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‘She captured everybody’s hearts’: Edmonton company to make SpiderMable documentary

By Julia Wong

SpiderMable took Edmonton by storm last year, and now a production company wants to take her story to the big screen.

Kelly Wolfert is a producer at Leven Creative; he is also the writer, producer and director for SpiderMable the Film.

Wolfert first met SpiderMable in January 2015 when his company did a promotional video with the Children’s Wish Foundation for the young superhero.

“She captured our attention right away,” he said.

Last September, the company followedMable Tooke, a then-six-year-old battling leukemia, as she fought crime and rescued Edmonton Oilers defenceman Andrew Ference from an evil villain as part of a wish with the Children’s Wish Foundation. It has followed her since as she made appearances at events and fundraisers.

“The documentary is going to follow and talk to her, [her] family and people [whose lives] she touches for another eight months and what she’s done is actually pretty incredible,” Wolfert said.

“We like to say that the day created a celebrity, the year after created a hero.”

Mom, Lisa Tooke, said the crews have been following her daughter since the very beginning.

“They followed her on her big day. They went back to the hockey game. They followed her on almost all her adventures and things that she has done since. All the times she’s worked with Children’s Wish to do some more fundraising,” she said.

“They are hoping to have it submitted to various film festivals as well to get the recognition that they think she deserves.”

Wolfert is kicking off a crowdfunding campaign later this week with the goal of raising $200,000 to help finish the documentary. He said the money will go towards production costs as well as finishing interviews with doctors, psychologists and social media experts.

He said SpiderMable’s story is one that needs to be told.

“Mable’s concern and her wish, what she wanted most, were to help other people. That didn’t end at the end of the wish day. That continued on and got even greater. That’s the story. That’s the proof that shows the kind of person she is,” he said.

“She captured everybody’s hearts just with her story. What happens after that, which is the body of the documentary, explains why she is an extraordinary person.”

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