One day made her famous. The years following made her a Hero.

We need your support to help tell this incredibly heart warming story! 

How many 6-year-olds can say they have helped to beat a world record, raise almost 2 million dollars, and have been recognized for their cancer-fighting impact by charitable organizations, local celebrities and government officials? 

Meet Mable Tooke, a spunky and charismatic little girl who captured the world’s attention when she set out as her cancer-fighting alter ego to fight crime and became an instant sensation. But like all great superheroes, SpiderMable’s rise to greatness was about more than just one day.  After realizing her true power to capture people’s attention with her determined tenacity and witty charm beyond her years, Mable showed the trademark of a true superhero – selflessness.  For over two years after her wish day, Mable suited up as SpiderMable, acting as a fundraising ambassador for the charitable organizations who support her through her battle with leukemia. Mable’s story follows the classic superhero journey; an “accident” occurs, a superpower is revealed, the hero must come to terms with that power and how to use it, all while not losing themselves to their new alter ego. Only those worthy of that power learn to help others, selflessly sacrificing themselves to serve the people with no desire for reward. Mable is that hero.

This film will slow these whirlwind events down and look at an incredible moment for one little girl, her parents, and her city. It’s a moment that passed by too quickly; the creation of a superhero. The filmmakers will follow the journey of a girl as she recognizes her power, struggles to harness it, and eventually uses it to help others. Her story is inspiring. After all, real life superheroes don’t come along every day.




Through Your Contributions

The more we raise together, the better the film will be!

To this point, the film has been funded by the filmmakers. Your contributions will go towards finishing production of SpiderMable The Film. As Mable's adventure continues, there is still much more filming to do to tell a complete story. Your contributions will also carry over into post production, where we will be able to hire professional editors, composers, sound designers and animators to give this story the same spirit that SpiderMable has brought to all of us.

Mable's wish was extraordinary ... something you don't see everyday. At a time in her life when she was struggling the most, her wish was to help others. Fight crime, save the city, and in turn provide us with the positivity that we so crave. At just six years old, she taught us that it doesn't matter how old you are, it's how much you care about the people around you.

Her story is touching. Heartbreaking. Exhilarating. And without a doubt... inspiring!

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