Not many 6 year olds have a superhero alter ego that saves a kidnapped NHL Captain from an evil villain, inspiring her city and country, all while fighting Cancer, helping fundraise millions of dollars, and charming celebrities, world leaders, politicians, and people worldwide.

SpiderMable The Film is an 80+ minute, feature-length documentary telling the story of an incredible, spunky and resilient little girl named Mable Tooke. The audience will meet the Tooke family and be introduced to the battles they have had with Mable’s health. The film will show the planning and reaction of a Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada Wish Day granted to Mable that caught the world by storm, and follow her as she gives back and grows into a celebrity Cancer-fighting superhero.

Mable's story

Mable Tooke’s life started out like most kids. She was energetic, fun-loving, and carefree. So when that bubbly personality began to fade at four years old, her family knew there was something wrong. After tests, doctors informed the Tooke family that Mable had Leukemia.

From this tragedy a superhero was born.

Mable became SpiderMable. She was a superhero long before anyone knew. When reading comic books with her family during treatment, Mable made the connection that she, like Spider-Man, had "radioactive blood". With her mom’s support, she created the persona, complete with costume. It is no understatement that her situation did create a cancer fighting superhero.

This film will follow Mable’s life from birth to age 10. Mable’s parents, Neil and Lisa Tooke, know their little spitfire the best and will tell us all about her life growing up with cancer, leading up to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada Fundraiser “Exile Island”, a teambuilding, Survivor-esque challenge event focused on raising money to grant individual wishes to sick children. Funds raised that day made it possible to grant Mable her most heartfelt wish.


Typical wishes put forth to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada are trips to Disneyland, swimming with the dolphins, or even a new travel trailer for camping. These wishes are an instant relief for the child and a small distraction for the challenges they face. But Mable’s wish was different. She wanted to take her new persona and use it to help others … revealing so much of her character. She not only wanted to take the role of a hero but she wanted to partner with her favourite hero and save Edmonton.

Many people speculate what made a city rally to the support of Mable’s Wish. Was it her story? Was it her spunky personality? Was Edmonton in need of a positive story, a break from the negativity surrounding recent news? Was it a city proud of its Mayor, its NHL team and its police service? Or was it people being able to see a sick child’s wish come true, live their own childhood dreams over again and feel a sense of belonging to their community with the thought that everything will be alright no matter how hard things get?

It was all these things. It was the power of the human spirit. And it was a community knowing that they can join together and make a difference.

Continuing The Story 

Through, the support and fine parenting of her Mom and Dad, Mable’s real hero status came forth. And the story is still writing itself. Evolving past her alter ego, the real hero, Mable Tooke has met celebrities, politicians and the general public. She still inspires. This phase of her story shows the challenges and exhausting tasks of giving back, raising funds, inspiring crowds, celebrating her recovery and championing other children with a hopeful attitude to a cancer-free life. But we will see her succeed. Superheros don’t fail. She has been part of teams raising millions to fight cancer, even help set a World Record. She has given back to every group that has helped her along the way. She will be recognized for her giving, she has something to teach us all … 

And she is now only 10 years old.